International Law Partner

Erasmus Migykra

About Mr. Erasmus Migyikra

Migyikra Erasmus Ndemole is a highly skilled and experienced Child Protection Officer with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, where he has dedicated his career to improving the lives of vulnerable children. His expertise in international laws and refugee studies is built on a range of qualifications earned across the globe, including in Ghana, Austria, the UK, Italy, Germany, and Kenya.

Mr. Ndemole holds an impressive array of qualifications, including an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from the European University Center for Peace Studies, LLM degrees in International Crime and Justice (International Criminal Law) from UNICRI/University of Turin, and International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the European University Viadrina. He also holds an LLB degree/GDL from Nottingham Trent University, a Diploma in Social Work/Administration from the University of Ghana, and a Postgraduate Diploma in law from the Kenya School of Law Advocates Training Course.

Mr. Ndemole's diverse academic background has equipped him with a deep understanding of the complex issues surrounding child protection and human rights. His experience in South Sudan has further honed his skills, and he has become an expert in the areas of child protection, human rights, and refugee studies. His contributions to the field have earned him a reputation as a trusted and respected leader in the international community.

As a dedicated and passionate professional, Mr. Ndemole is committed to advancing the rights and welfare of vulnerable children, and his work has had a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals. His expertise and unwavering commitment to his work make him an invaluable asset to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan and a respected member of the global community of child protection professionals.